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23 3mm Sterling Silver Rhodium Diam Snowflake Chain Slide UGSCDIQAF

21st Birthday Green Charm Bracelet Women's BNJPIPMJF

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If you have any questions, please contact us by email,we will reply within 24 hours.Length:21CM Extended Chain,Width:1.5CM,Weight:13.5g.Choose it as gift for wedding,anniversary,engagement;lover's gift,family gift or friend's gift.Choose Onefeart Jewelry,Choose your Beauty.with a jewelry bag/box and a card.

Onefeart: Only love for you,Tailored for you--Your Onefeart.

Choose Onefeart Jewelry, choose your unique love Jewelry.

Attitude: Do ordinary things extraordinarily well,for your dedicated service,please e-mail us if you have any question, we will try our best to provide a better solution.

Sterling Silver or Silver Plated to prevent corrosion, to prevent allergies,So that it looks beautiful and Luxurious.

21st Birthday Green Charm Bracelet Women's BNJPIPMJF

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